The solution

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Peak Retail transforms touchscreens, tablets and smartphones into key sales and retail management tools. The solution provides sales support by focusing on service, information, customer experience and ‘learning on the job’ by the staff.

The core of the solution is a user friendly application for the consumers, either to operate with or without assistance of the sales staff,  that provides easy access to detailed product information and supports them in making the right purchase decision.

For the retailer, there is an administration panel available that makes it easy to update product information on the ranges available, latest promotions, new products etc.

Peak Retail statistics provides insights into the  customer profiles, preferences and buying habits. This is an important basis for further optimization of the product range and services offered to the customer.

The Peak Retail solutions in 8 nutshells:
  • Support the employee

    With the Peak Retail solution in hand, even the novice employee is always prepared  to answer customer’s queries about the product.

  • Advising the client

    Even the employee with all the possible product knowledge can easily inspire customers with photos, overviews and details.

  • Knowledge about the customer

    Stores with the Peak Retail solution gather all data for you. You learn not only what your customers buy, but also what they are looking for.

  • Cross selling

    Even though not every store employee is a born salesperson, when shown related products, the customer is inclined to buy more products than they first intended.

  • Product range improvement

    Peak Retail gives you feedback on the customer’s needs, so that you can arrange your assortment better

  • Powerful software

    The Peak Retail solution is packed with  features that help increase your sales.

  • Latest technology

    Gadgets have conquered the living room. Consumers expect these technologies also to be present on the shop floor. Peak Retail responds to these expectations.

  • High Return on Investment

    The low investment threshold allows very fast payback. Each additional option offers even more payback opportunities.

Shop employees remain crucial

The ‘key to success’ is to change the routine of the current store personnel. Peak Retail offers the right tools to make them service-oriented and thus help the customers make the right purchases.

Peak Retail offers an all-round solution to reform the store employees into proactive sales staff through training. The Peak Retail solution ensures that employees feel satisfied and happy thanks to their professional success.