Your customer

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Today’s consumer is uncompromising!

12% of customers leave the store when staff is not available
42% of customers are dissatisfied with the availability of store staff
66% of customers buy more when staff is helpful



Today’s consumer has extremely high demands on products, service and the shopping experience.

Online purchases are booming, but in all truth, shopping is, and will remain everyone’s favourite leisure activity. Products often have to be experienced. The immediate availability of products is also an important value.

The store as a showroom is the best opportunity for the retailer to inform the customer actively and positively. It is the moment that motivates direct purchase in the store. Information is important here. It should be clear and sufficient and given at the right time. Otherwise there is a risk of losing the customer.

The Peak Retail solution supports the store personnel in providing the customer with top service and comprehensive information on products in the store.

Peak Retail responds to the following facts about customers behavior:


76% of choices in the store are made impulsively
73% of customer decisions are based on the price / quality ratio
65% of choices are directly related to attractive presentation
42% of decisions are based on an offer
40% are subject to attractive point of sale (POS)
23% are based on obtained advice

Learn to know your customer better

Information about the choices and preferences of consumers is important and extremely valuable for the planning the product range. On that basis, Peak Retail not only offers sales support, but also provides the retailer reports and handles on the consumers’ behavior and interests. Based on this, the retailer can develop strategies to target customers better and to further optimize the product range, based on the customer’s expectations and needs.

For that reason, Peak Retail developed the statistics module.